Frequently asked questions

What is Ace Mentor Club?

  • Ace Mentor Club is a digital platform designed to connect students and millennial with a personal mentor through virtual one-to-one session.
  • Ace Mentor Club provides a network where young aspirants engage with experts to get individual guidance for personal and professional development.
  • We provide one to one expert interactions, live webinars, jobs, internship opportunities, and exclusive blogs & knowledge series.

How to Join Ace Mentor Club as a Mentee?

A person who is seeking mentorship has to simply fill a sign up form on our platform

How to become a Mentor at Ace Mentor Club?

Click on “Join as a Mentor” on our website and then fill the complete details in the form. We take it forward from there. We are glad that experienced professionals are coming forward to help the community. We receive a large number of request from Mentors. We might take some time in reviewing your profile and responding back.

What is the process to book a session with a mentor?

1. Sign up to

2. Go to our mentor board and book a session with your selected mentor.

3. Subscribe to our plan.

4. Book a session from available time slots mentioned date wise.

5. Your session will be subject to approval by Ace Mentor Club.

6. In case your request is approved, you will get a mail along with a Google Meet link for the session (Please check your Social, Promotions and Spam Mails frequently).

7. Connect with your mentor and grow.

Are the sessions free?

Currently all the sessions are free for students. Students can book any number of sessions as they want but they have to subscribe to a free plan(Initial Light Plan).

What is the process to reschedule or cancel a booked and approved session?

  • Mentors too have their professional and personal commitments. For that reason, once your session is approved then you cannot reschedule or cancel a session.

  • If in case, due to unavoidable situation you have to cancel the session, then you have to inform at least 24 Hours before either by email or call.

  • If without communicating to us, you are not available for the booked session then in future you will not be able to apply for any further session at our platform until you justify the reason.

  • Approval or cancellation of session is at the descrition of Ace Mentor Club.

What is the duration of one session?

One session lasts for 25 - 40 minutes which can be extended with the mutual choice of the mentee and the mentor.

How many sessions can I book in a day?

You can book any number of sessions in a day with the same or different mentors according to the availability of the mentors.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask just about anything regarding your career. Whether you’re stuck in choosing a specialization or wondering about a change of job or change of career altogether, Ace Mentor Club mentors are willing to help you in their area of specialization.

Will Mentoring conflict with Code of Conduct policy of my employer?

No, Mentoring is for a social cause. It is to guide students and professionals towards a better and a more rewarding career. Mentoring does not conflict with existing nature of employment. For more information, please write to us at